Why You Should Research Celebrant Training

Celebrant training is in demand and many companies and online ‘colleges’ are offering celebrant training. We here at Choice Celebrant Training aren’t just another company training celebrants. We are so much more, and we offer so much more to everyone who chooses us to train them to become a celebrant. If you are considering training to become a celebrant, you should research celebrant training companies before you decide to sign up with one. Below is information on why it is important to research celebrant training to ensure any prospective celebrant training companies meet your requirements.

I Want to be a Celebrant

Is this a decision you have made or a statement you said to people? If so, you have taken your first step on your journey to become a wedding and/or funeral celebrant. The next step is to research celebrant training companies and see which one meets your requirements.

Like everything you buy, you will possibly have a budget determining how much you are able or willing to spend on your celebrant training. Enticing lower priced celebrant training courses will provide you with minimal information which potentially won’t prepare you to work as a celebrant. ‘You get what you pay for’ is a common phrase to consider here. This doesn’t mean on the reverse higher priced celebrant training courses will equip you with the correct knowledge and tools required to become a celebrant either.

One of the many skills a good celebrant needs is the ability to research, and you should start as you mean to go on and research celebrant training companies you are considering signing up for courses with.

Research Celebrant Training Companies

An online search for celebrant training will give you many results of companies, organisations and online colleges offering celebrant training. Many give their companies names synonymous to educational buildings students learn in. Some of these companies have hired offices, country retreats, meeting rooms and learning spaces, but the demand for celebrant training is yet to reach the heights of having actual academies, colleges, universities or the like where physical buildings attended by student celebrants only are taught

Many choose a name to create an indication of a sense of belonging to an exclusive group of people. We do not. We are Choice Celebrant Training as we offer a choice of the style of celebrant training you want to learn, not what we want to teach you. This is about you not us. We can provide you with great training to become a successful celebrant, who is forward thinking, supported and part of a community of celebrants. Celebrancy is a role across the world, carried out by many people. It isn’t an exclusive group or a fraternity with a group name in common.

Research Celebrant Training

Call Prospective Celebrant Training Companies

Celebrancy is a role requiring face to face, person to people communication. When researching prospective training companies our advice is to call them to enable you to speak with a celebrant trainer rather than wait for an email. Ask them questions about their courses and how they train celebrants. (This is of course if they answer the phone to you as some do not).

If your call isn’t answered, leave a message and if you do, have they returned your call? We have a call back request option on our website, and we guarantee one of our Celebrant Trainers will call you at your requested time/date.

All our Celebrant Trainers here at Choice Celebrant Training are full time wedding and funeral celebrants and we train celebrants daytimes, evenings and at weekends. We offer a call back service to ensure we are available to dedicate that chosen time to speak to you as we know you will be seeking the answers to numerous questions.

Celebrant Training Websites

When looking for celebrant training, you should decide what kind of celebrant you want to be and choose a training company who can provide you with this training, otherwise you may be wasting your money. If you aren’t sure what kind of celebrant you want to be, this is the next step on your celebrant journey.

Once you have an idea on what kind of celebrant you want to be, research which company suits your training needs. Check out each companies blog and see how often they post and what they are posting.
Do they have a blog section?
How many blogs are actual blogs rather than shared news articles or reshares of blogs on other websites?
Is the content presented well with up to date information, minimal stock images and user friendly.
Does the site load well on mobile and desktop?
Do they display reviews you can also find through an online search?

Look at their social media too.
How often do they post?
What do they post?
Do they respond to comments and interact with people?
Are they following more people than they have following them?
Are their posts too corporate or are they appealing to you?

They may have a huge amount of followers or just a few. Neither are a true indication to decide whether they are the right or the wrong training company for you.

Consider calling celebrants who have previously trained with a prospective company. Ask them how their experience was. Facebook celebrant groups have posting asking about experiences of celebrant training companies. It is important to find a celebrant who has the same style of celebrancy you are interested in to gain a clearer indication.

These things are important because celebrancy is a role of evolvement and celebrant training needs to evolve to teach up to date information rather than outdated courses devised years ago, displayed on an older website which is rarely updated. Informative and in depth celebrant training isn’t cheap and you need to know what you are going to get for your hard earned money before you part with it.

AI Free Celebrant Training

There are many blogs on our website (averaging 50 written in our first year), full of information on celebrant training and different types of celebrants. These blogs have been written by actual people. Nothing on our website has been created using AI. All our blogs, all our courses, all course materials, all website wording, and content is 100% human created. Created by humans, for humans.

We do not accept AI generated content by any of our trainee celebrants, guest blog writers or community members. This is guaranteed and if you feel the same, this is another question to ask when contacting prospective celebrant trainers.

Choice Celebrant Training

Choice Celebrant Training is the only celebrant training company to offer every trainee wedding and/or funeral celebrant the choice of what kinds of ceremonies they want to learn, and which Celebrant Trainer they would like to train them.

We offer online courses, group training courses, courses for celebrants, have a supportive celebrant community, Zoom presentations and much more. We train people to be alternative celebrants, traditional celebrants, creative, theatrical, cosplay, historical re-enactment, lifestyle, Pagan, and diverse celebrants using regularly updated course content of their choosing. We train celebrants of the present and of the future, not those of the past.

We have in house website design and building, logo creation and branding, marketing, social media advice, business advice and more which is offered to each trainee celebrant.

If you think we might be the right celebrant training company for you, why not call us for a no obligation chat. We will answer the phone to you if we are able to. We will reply to all text messages, WhatsApp messages, emails, and social media messages.

If you research celebrant training companies, you will find the right company to help you become a successful wedding or funeral celebrant, or both. It is your journey to become a celebrant.

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