What Qualifications do You Need to be a Celebrant

If you are researching celebrant training, one of the questions you may need to know the answer to is what qualifications do you need to be a celebrant? Does this question refer to joining a celebrant training course, or working as a celebrant?

You do not need any formal academic qualifications to train to become a celebrant, nor do you need any to work as a celebrant. You do not need to choose a company who offers any such qualification, you can choose a celebrant training course which doesn’t award any qualifications but gives an accreditation with certification upon completion of the course. This will provide proof to any who may ask you have undertaken a celebrant training course.

Why You do Not Need any Qualifications to be a Celebrant

Training to become a wedding and/or funeral celebrant is greatly variable from company to company. Which celebrant training company is the best one, or ‘who do you recommend for celebrant training?’ are two of the most asked and commented on posts within the numerous Facebook celebrant groups that exist.

Reading the given responses may or may not result in you choosing a celebrant training company which is unable to meet your individual needs. Just because many agree on one or more companies, it does not mean they are the right training providers for you. What is means is those who have recommended them found their training to be of use to them. Many will also recommend without having any personal experiences with other celebrant training companies.

If the question was asked on social media as to which coffee selling company was the best, a large amount of people would no doubt state their favourite one was the best, but this isn’t useful to somebody who wants to experience what coffee is like. This analogy is the same when researching celebrant training. What was right for many may not be right for you.

NOCN and NVQ Celebrant Training

Some celebrant training companies follow a training course written and supplied by an external academic qualification award who have many training courses including agriculture, hospitality, management, transport logistics and celebrancy.  NOCN or NVQ are two of these qualification awarding organisations.

NOCN Group is an educational charity whose core aims are to help learners reach their potential and organisations thrive. The group includes business units specialising in regulated UK and international qualifications, End Point Assessment, assured short courses, SMART job cards, assessment services, consultancy, and research.


This generally means the celebrant training company who offers these qualifications follows guidelines to teach their student celebrants what they are required to teach them set by the qualification awarder. They may also teach more detailed, celebrant related information, but their courses are based on the following, learning, and awarding of a qualification at the end of the course. A qualification which isn’t necessary to have to become and to work as a celebrant.

What is Required to Become A Celebrant

What is required to become a celebrant is an informative, up to date, regularly reviewed celebrant training experience, learning about all aspects of celebrancy and what the role entails, not a training programme created to pass a national recognised qualification which celebrants do not need to have.

Here at Choice Celebrant Training we are all current working celebrants and all our Celebrant Trainers, have completed training courses resulting in certification of completion. None of us have even been asked if we have an NOCN qualification, nor have we been told we need this, and two of us have been wedding and funeral celebrants for over 10 years. Between all three of us we have designed, created, and led over 4,000 ceremonies and taught around 565 celebrants. Our training courses have been specifically designed to ensure they deliver current, in depth, informative and individualised celebrant training.

What Qualifications do You Need to be a Celebrant

Unnecessary Qualifications or Individualised Celebrant Training?

What would be more important and useful to you to gain as a student celebrant? A celebrant training course which has been specifically constructed to ensure all expected criteria is learnt and demonstrated to gain a qualification not needed, or a training course which allows you to choose what style of celebrancy you want to learn and is tailored to your needs to train you how to meet the requirements, requests, and expectations of your future clients? Which is more appealing to you?

Learning skills is crucial to enable you to become a diverse and successful celebrant who can effectively communicate and engage with people. Honing on these taught skills will ensure you become a good celebrant. All celebrant training courses should teach the skills required; some will have more detailed training than others. It is worth noting there are some training companies who state their courses are higher than the level 3 to be gained from NOCN and NQV courses.   Choice Celebrant Training is one of these companies. Our courses are a level 4+ if we had to categorise them.

Is the awarding of a not needed qualification a selling point to you when considering which celebrant training company is right for you, or is a course which recognises you as an individual, and encourages and supports you as you learn how to be a skilled, knowledgeable and in demand celebrant right for you? It is your choice, your journey, your learning, your future business. You are the future of celebrancy, can you become the future if you are taught from requirements rather than self-thinking?

An awarded qualification doesn’t always determine if that course is right for you. Your personalised learning, knowledgeable Celebrant Trainers who will train you to be a unique celebrant rather than a carbon copy of them, modern course materials and an enjoyable learning experience are things to consider.

Lead yourself, don’t follow a herd

Contact Celebrant Training Companies

The ability to research is a key skill required for every wedding, funeral, and life events celebrant. Start researching each prospective celebrant training company based on what you will learn rather than just being informed it will be a nationally recognised qualification. This will set you in good stead to make your decision which company and which course you are drawn to.

Making your decision based on a low price isn’t going to ensure your training is as informed as ‘you get what you pay for’. Celebrant courses are priced in accordance with the knowledge given, the skills you will be taught, the regularly updated and in depth courses, the time each course takes, the course materials, the experience to be gained by yourself, and the expertise of your assigned trainer (or your chosen Celebrant Trainer if you choose us at Choice Celebrant Training as your trainers).

Qualifications Aren’t Needed to be a Celebrant, Skills Are

Celebrancy is a role which requires many attributes and skills. Having people skills is the most important quality every celebrant should possess. You can have a wall full of certificates and achievements stating you can pass prescribed assignments, but without demonstrating people skills you won’t gain much work as a celebrant. This and creative writing skills should be the focus of your celebrant training. These skills are what should determine if you will be a celebrant a long with your drive and dedication to help people.

Choose Your Celebrant Training

The purpose of this blog is to state qualifications aren’t needed to be a celebrant, good training is. Every trainee celebrant has choices to make on their individualised journey to become a celebrant. If personalised celebrant training is your preference, why not contact us to take your first steps to your new role as a celebrant.

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