Training to Become a Celebrant in the UK

Are you interested in training to become a celebrant in the UK?
Do you want to become a celebrant but aren’t sure if you need to take a training course?
Are you unsure what qualifications you require?
Do you need training to become a celebrant?

How to Become a Celebrant

If you want to become a celebrant, you will need to enrol on a training course to teach you all you need to know about being a wedding or funeral celebrant. There are many different training companies, and it is advisable to choose one which solely trains celebrants rather than online colleges offering training in many courses.

There are online courses, group training or accelerated learning courses and choosing the course which fits in with your current home or employment commitments is essential to ensure your receive the kind of training appropriate for your circumstances.

Why Training to become a Celebrant in the UK is Important

There are celebrants, people working as celebrants and some who read out templated ceremonies found online; all are different. A trained celebrant should have learnt how to design, craft, and deliver a ceremony to a room or a space full of people. Well trained celebrants who have taken a specialist training course should be confident in all aspects of researching, creating, and narrating a ceremony. Training which is efficient and modern will teach these skills.

Celebrant training should give advice and information on starting and running a successful celebrant business. Training should also give continued support, guidance and help with access to the other celebrants trained by the company who will offer their help. As all companies train differently with some varying course content, speaking to another who has undertaken the same learning will prevent confusion. You should also be able to have access to your Celebrant Mentor or Celebrant Trainer. Your training should also include information on how to gain business.

Some training companies offer branding and website building. Look at the branding and websites they have been involved with as you want a professional business brand with a fast loading website. Do they advise understand the importance of SEO, blogging and social media? (Anyone can learn how to use Canva and use templates to make a website).

Diversity in Celebrant Training

Diversity is part of our lives, and it should be part of received celebrant training too. The importance of pronouns, how to be respectful towards all people, the difference between being inclusive and demonstrating diversity and how to write ceremonies for people who do not identify with traditional and gendered roles is important.

Why You Need to Train to Become a Funeral Celebrant

Training will also prepare you for working with people of varied emotions. Funeral Celebrant training should teach you how to be respectful of the emotions of those needing your services. Funeral Celebrant training should prepare you how to ask appropriate questions through a conversation to gain the required information to create a celebration of life for their loved one or person.

A Funeral Celebrant Training Course should include training for different kinds of funerals such as a traditional funeral, a celebration of life, a life centred funeral, a natural burial, a cremation and Aquamation (soon to be introduced into the UK later in 2023). The content of each of these ceremonies isn’t about the body disposal choice, but appropriate wording for each kind of funeral is required at a certain time during the ceremony.

A good Funeral Celebrant course should teach you how to write and deliver ceremonies for adults, young people, children, and babies. You should receive training on traditional and modern funeral industry terminology, memorial, inurnment, interment and scattering of ashes ceremonies.

Online examples of funeral ceremony wording can be outdated and no longer relevant to many people. Non-religious celebrations of life are the most requested kinds of funerals and how to do these kinds of ceremonies can only be learnt from being trained.

Training to Become a Celebrant in the UK

Why You Need to Train to Become a Wedding Celebrant

Training to become a wedding celebrant is essential to gain the knowledge required to design, build, and perform a wedding ceremony correctly. It isn’t about ‘I now pronounce you Husband and Wife’ as a registrar or a religious leader would declare.

Celebrant wedding ceremonies should be meaningful, personalised, memorable (for the right reasons) and so much more. Celebrant wedding ceremonies include unity ceremonies which are mini rituals and ceremonies within the main wedding. Handfasting, oathing stone, chocolate or rum ceremony are four examples of a unity ceremony ritual. Wording for these should be personalised and not taken from online sites as some seem to do. Only good training can teach you how to do this.

Most training organisations and course teach weddings, renewal of vows and baby naming ceremonies, but there are over 30 different kinds of ceremonies a wedding celebrant can lead.  Choice Celebrant Training is the only training company to give all wedding celebrants the opportunity to learn how to write and lead other life events to offer potential clients.

Do You Need Qualifications to Become a Celebrant?

No. There isn’t currently any recognised nor required qualification in wedding or funeral celebrancy. What prospective trainee celebrants do need is a relevant, tailor made training course ensuring applicable information is given and outdated information isn’t.

What all looking to become a celebrant need are research and listening skills, people skills, to be good writers, and be confident speaking in front of others. Determination to succeed, enthusiasm and dedication are qualities required to become a successful celebrant.

Can I Work as a Celebrant Without Any Training?

After reading the above the information, the question to ask should be why would you consider working as a celebrant without any training? Every job requires some form a training. It isn’t as easy as to change a ceremony written for others. It is also worth noting some business insurance companies require a copy of a training course certificate before they will insure a wedding or funeral celebrant.

Trainee Celebrants are the Future of the Celebrant Industry

All trainee celebrants are the future of the celebrant industry and learning how to create personalised, modern, diverse, and appropriate wedding, funeral and life events ceremonies will ensure progressive celebrancy rather than traditionally outdated celebrancy. Training is important when considering becoming a celebrant and the right training for you should be your priority.

Our Wedding and Funeral Celebrant Training Courses will teach you how to become a celebrant and train you in all aspects of your choice of celebrancy.

Training to become a celebrant in the UK is essential as there is more to being a celebrant than inserting names into scripts and reading. For further information on how we can help you on your celebrant journey, please contact us.

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