Train to be a Celebrant

There aren’t currently any qualifications required to train to be a celebrant, there are however certain skills required. People skills, confidence, creative writer, a good listener, ability to speak in public, empathy, compassion, and fast thinking are required abilities to have if you are thinking of becoming a celebrant.

If you want to become a professional, successful, knowledgeable, confident celebrant who can earn a living, you need to train in your chosen area of celebrancy. Being a celebrant is an honour and a privilege, and training is essential to be able to fulfil all aspects of the job.

Celebrants are professional writers and storytellers. Training equips trainee celebrants with the necessary attributes to create and narrate individual ceremonies. Celebrant training with Choice Celebrant Training gives much information on all aspects of creating and delivering ceremonies, whether that be weddings, life events or celebrations of life and funerals.

The wedding industry has fashions and themes which those seeking the services of a celebrant want to have on their wedding day. Training is essential to gain the knowledge required to create personalised ceremonies which celebrate love stories and mark milestones. How to incorporate a theme or trend is much more than décor or clothing.

Five Things to Decide and Consider before Training to be a Celebrant

At Choice Celebrant Training we have a five step plan to be a celebrant. These are:

1. What type of celebrant do you want to be?

Decide if you want to be a wedding or funeral celebrant, or both.

2. What kind of training do you want to take part in?

Are you the type of person who prefers to learn in a group, or would you rather learn on a student to trainer basis?
Do you have current employment, family, pets, caring commitments? These need to be considered and accommodated during your learning.

Train to be a Celebrant

Group Training

Group training can be with others in an office or hired place such as a conference room. Group sizes vary from 3 -15 people.
Accommodation and meals may or may not be provided.
Travel costs are in addition.
Locations for training vary across the UK.
Specified dates resulting in holiday time from work, childcare or pet sitting maybe needed.

Group Training Online

This takes place through Zoom and group sizes are variable.

Individual Learning

This may take place through Zoom.
Times and dates to suit student and trainer.
Fits around your work and family commitments.
Student receives 100% of their trainer’s time.

3. How much does it cost to become a celebrant?

Celebrant training in the UK varies in cost depending on what kind of training you choose. Individual online learning over a succession of weeks is the most cost effective way to become a celebrant. Celebrant training costs start at around £1000.

Some training providers offer the option to pay for training by regular monthly instalments which helps spread the cost of learning. 

4. Find a training provider who meets your needs

Research and preparation are important aspects of being a celebrant. These should start when thinking of training to be a celebrant, when you are looking for a training provider.
Higher price courses may not mean they are better than lower priced courses. What is important is what you will be learning, and will you gain all you need to know to start working as a celebrant? You may find the following things useful when deciding upon a training provider.


What do you want to learn as a prospective celebrant? Do you want to learn to create types of ceremonies such as quirky and alternative ones, or are you interested in being more of a traditional celebrant? This is very important, can a prospective training organisation teach you how to create and publicly deliver the ceremonies you hope to learn about?

Celebrant Trainers

Would you like to be able to choose the person who trains you, or are you happy to be assigned any available trainer? At Choice Celebrant Training every trainee celebrant can choose their trainer and follow them on social media. All our trainers are established current working celebrants with websites you can view and social media showing them at work.

What Will You Learn?

Will you be taught how to structure, create, and deliver a ceremony? There is far more to being a celebrant than copying and pasting an online ceremony and reading in public.  At Choice Celebrant Training we know ceremony creation and correct delivery are essential.

Business Information and Continuing Support

Most training providers offer advice in relation to starting a celebrant business. This may include marketing tools such as a website, social media, branding, promotion, advertising, self-employment, insurance, paperwork, contracts, gaining clients and continuing support once training ends.

5. Enjoy your training

This is important, your training should be enjoyable as well as being informative. Training can be intense, but it should be enjoyable. You should finish your training and feel prepared and skilled enough to start your new business with confidence.

Celebrancy is by no means an easy job, nor is it a job everyone can do. There is far more to being a celebrant than being able to speak in public. The ability to write creatively is a key aspect every celebrant should possess.

Like all jobs it requires many strengths. Celebrants work with people in celebration, whether that be of a relationship, a milestone or of a life. We work for people at the happiest and at the saddest times of their lives.

Further Advice

Everyone’s journey to become and work as a celebrant is personal to them. Whatever brought them to celebrancy will differ from person to person. Don’t be put off by what you may hear in relation to the amount of celebrants. There are more celebrants in certain areas than others, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it. Celebrants retire or change jobs as with all professions.

How many coffee shops are on a high street, yet more appear. We all have a preference and many different kinds of celebrants means families and wedding clients have more of a choice to find the right celebrant for them.

This is your journey, and celebrancy is a rewarding, fun and privileged job.

Main heading photo by Ashley Edwards Photography