The Importance of Pagan Celebrants

Paganism is made up of many religions, beliefs, rituals, and spiritual practices. Paganism has been around since human existence has. There are Pagans all over the world, and the existence and importance of Pagan Celebrants needs to be acknowledged.

What is a Pagan Celebrant?

Like everyone else Pagans need ceremonies such as weddings, handfasting, naming ceremonies and funerals. Paganism has many branches to its tree, and we all walk different but similar paths. Paganism isn’t one religion. Some define it as spiritual, followers of nature and of the old ways. There isn’t one religious book for all Pagans meaning technically it isn’t a religion, but many different followings.

A Pagan celebrant is a celebrant who is knowledgeable, understanding, and skilled in creating rituals for Pagans and somebody who lives a lifestyle of dedication and to their beliefs.

Shirlee Moon, Authentic Pagan Celebrant

I am Shirlee Moon, High Priestess and Wise Woman, Sage Woman of the Old Ways and an authentic Pagan celebrant and ceremonialist. I come from a long line of Romany Gypsies, and I create ceremonies for everyone who wants them, but mainly for Pagans

My path is one of dedication and devotion to the Goddess and nearly everything I do is her work. I work for and honour the Goddess. I specialise in ceremonies celebrating diversity and multi-faith ceremonies.

Pagan Ceremonies

Life has it’s stages, starting with birth and ending with death. As a true Pagan I help those who are at the stages of celebration or completions in their life mark these moments with rituals and ceremonies. Pagan life isn’t a naming, wedding, and a funeral as our only ceremonies. I create and lead handfasting, Goddess rituals, elemental rituals, Wiccaning ceremonies, Rites of Passage, house clearings and blessings, Last Rites, funerals, memorials, ancestral rites and many other sacred ceremonies, rites, and blessings.

I create magickal ceremonies and custom ceremonies of healing and celebration. I am a Pagan 24/7, it is my life which is spent in dedication and servitude to the Goddess.

I started my journey into Pagan ceremonies and rituals a long time ago. Most of my bookings come through my shop Wicca Moon which is nearly 20 years now. Here I perform pre wedding couple rituals and can provide everything they need to have an authentic Pagan wedding, including helping them choose and use items for their ceremony altar which they can use after the ceremony in their home.

There are many offering Pagan ceremonies and many seeking them, all on different personal journeys, all offering different things. Those wanting any kind of Pagan ceremony want them because of their personal religious belief. Beliefs which should be respectfully honoured. I create many ceremonies and rituals for followers of all Pagan religions and Shamanic rituals.

Pagans want to have a wedding ceremony celebrating their union with the Goddess or their chosen deity just like everyone else wants a wedding to include their requirements. For those who are new to Paganism and just starting their journey, I make suggestions based on their stage of practice. If couples want a tarot reading leading up to their ceremony, I offer this service too.

If only one partner is a Pagan, I meet with both partners to ensure both of their beliefs are included and celebrated as a wedding isn’t just for one person. Weddings are about celebrating equality and love, acceptance, with respect and understanding.

pagan celebrant

Pagan Handfasting

Nearly every wedding celebrant has been taught about handfasting. Handfasting is different to how most of us authentic Pagan celebrants do it. Handfasting is a Pagan wedding ritual and a rite of passage between two people. Pagans usually make their own handfasting cords of a traditional length. They can add whatever they are drawn to add to them, in colours of their choosing. Blessing handfasting cords is part of the pre-ceremony rituals I undertake.

Pagan Funerals

Like Catholics, at the end of their lives, many Pagans ask for a Last Rites blessing to prepare them for their exit from the physical world and their journey to the next. Pagan funerals and funerals with a Pagan theme are different. Pagan funerals are religious as any other religious practice funerals are. We live our lives a certain way and we believe death isn’t the end.

Being asked to create these kinds of ceremonies and memorials for those who have passed over is always an honour. They bring comfort to the person who is dying and help them on the next stage of their journey.

Pagan Naming Ceremonies

A new life is a blessing on a couple, person, and family. Creating Pagan naming ceremonies for babies, teens and adults is a ritual of thanks and self-dedication if it is for teens and adults. I include a welcome to their family and to their magickal or Pagan community.

Healing and Well Being Ceremonies

As a Reiki healer I offer Reiki, Reiki Angelic, Sekhem Reiki, and many other wellbeing treatments. When a couple are arranging a ceremony and, in the week, leading up to it, it can be an emotional time. I don’t use the word ‘stressful’ as one of my mottos in this life is ‘stress is in the head’. In the world we live in it is easy to get caught up in expectations, materialism and negativity and couples need to be free of these attachments as part of their wedding preparations.

Workshops and Magic Supplies

I am also a teacher and teach different workshops on many subjects and Goddess devotions. Wicca Moon is: ‘stockists of everything that the discerning witch requires’ including books Wheel of the Year Goddess boxes. These are very popular with Pagans in the months before their wedding.

Paganism Should be Respected

There are lots of Pagan traditions in traditional Christian weddings. Being aware of religious appropriation is the duty of all celebrants. If you use anything from any religion, use it respectfully and to the best of you ability. Paganism isn’t a trend or a fashion, it is a way of life.

Blessed Be

Blog by Shirlee Moon