Refresh Your Celebrant Skills

Calling all wedding and funeral celebrants

Are you a professionally trained celebrant, newly qualified or established wedding and/or funeral celebrant?
Do you want to attract different clients?
Do you want to learn how to create a specific kind of ceremony?
Do you feel you need further training?
Do you want to create the kinds of ceremonies others post about?
Have you lost your celebrant mojo and need help finding it?
Is your business taking off as well as you had hoped?

Any or all these issues can be easily resolved through our Choice Celebrant Refresh Course, aimed at all wedding and funeral celebrants.  We have devised the first and original refresh course regardless of who you trained with. 

The First Steps in Becoming a Celebrant

Becoming a celebrant is a life changing decision as are most job changes. It may have been a decision made years ago or recently which led to you seeking out celebrant training and completing a course in your chosen area of celebrancy. What then? Did you embrace all you had learnt and find it easy to start gaining work as a celebrant? Many do, many do not. This can be because of financial commitments, family, current employment, or fear of the unknown. You aren’t alone; others have been and are in a similar situation. It can seem the longer the amount of time that passes, the harder it can be to take your first steps.

Gaining the Knowledge to Work as a Celebrant

Most celebrant training courses include business and marketing information on how to market yourself as a celebrant, and how to start your celebrant business. Those that join our Choice Celebrant Community have access to advice and presentations from many professionals, including small business advisors and self-employment information from an accountant.  This is useful as starting a new business if you haven’t been self-employed before can be daunting, and professional advice from qualified people will point you in the required direction. 

Social media celebrant groups discuss a range of topics including tax, which can be useful, however it is important to differentiate what others do, and what is required to be done.

Finding Your Confidence as a Celebrant

Finding your confidence as a celebrant happens at your own pace. We are all different and all have varied ways to approach situations. It is essential you are confident in both the creation and the narration of ceremonies before you contemplate advertising your business. It can be a common topic of concern and discussion when a first booking happens. This happens to most of us, and you certainly aren’t the first, nor will you be the last to be nervous. Nerves are good as they are a reminder this job is one of honour and privilege, not authority and ego.

Speaking in public is part of a celebrant’s job, but equally professional writing and people skills are too. If you aren’t very confident at writing, this is something we can help you with, if you need guidance on ceremony content, terminology, language, or people skills. During your training you have the attention and guidance of the person training you. When training ends even though your trainer should be available to continue to help and guide you, the level of guidance can be dependent on their experience in the kind of ceremonies you require support with, and their own working commitments. Each trainee and every celebrant who are part of our community have access to all our Celebrant Trainers help and support, and our growing Celebrant Community groups contain varied information on a range of topics, and the support of other celebrants should you need it.

You may be a member of your training organisation, which should have prepared you to write and deliver various kinds of ceremonies with knowledge and confidence. Once training has ended many celebrants, as independent lone workers, can feel hesitant without anyone to offer feedback or offer suggestions. This can cause a lack of confidence at the beginning and for established celebrants who profess they feel ‘stuck in a rut’ with their ceremony writing.

Writing skills expand over time and every celebrant’s aim is to produce continually evolving ceremonies. If you have another celebrant to give you feedback this can be useful. If not, our Celebrant Refresh Course may help give you the boost you need.

Additional Celebrant Training

‘I miss our/my training’ is a comment and a thought many celebrants say or have. Training should be fun and engaging, with the result being you are proficient and prepared to start working as a celebrant. Additional celebrant training enhances the skills you have and helps you develop new ones.

It also gives you the confidence to know you are on the right path with the focus being on the ceremony content.

Unity Ceremonies

Do you know there are many more unity ceremonies than you may be familiar with? Sand, love letter box, candles, rose ceremonies, handfasting (see the next part), jumping the broom and wine.

The wine ceremony, did your training inform you the wine ceremony involved mixing red and white together? Try it and when you do, would you offer this to your clients?

celebrant skills


From training hundreds of wedding celebrants, handfasting is the one wedding ritual which celebrants seem to worry about the most. There are many ways to create and perform a handfasting ceremony, and as we at Choice Celebrant Training specialise in handfasting, who better to help you learn about this wedding ritual.

We Can Help You to Expand Your Celebrant Services

If you want to offer different ceremonies than your original celebrant training covered, we can help.
If you want to refresh what you already know, we can help.
If you are bored of offering the same unity ceremonies, we can help.
If you want to create and perform a meaningful handfasting ceremony, we can help.
If you want to specialise in a certain style of ceremony, we can help.
If you want to start offering alternative ceremonies for weddings and/or funerals, we can help.
If you have been asked to create a ceremony and need advice and knowledge to do this, we can help.

Whatever style of ceremony, wedding, commitments, funeral, celebration of life, memorial, scattering of ashes, baby welcoming or any life event, we can help.

Bespoke Celebrant Training and Celebrant Refresh

As a celebrant the purpose of your business is to offer ‘unique’, ‘bespoke’ and ‘tailormade ceremonies’. Would you feel more prepared to do this if your training was specialised, distinctive and customised to what you want to learn? All Choice Celebrant Training Courses including our Celebrant Refresh Course give you the opportunity to learn what you want to learn.

Held on Zoom, there may be also the option to do this in person with a Celebrant Trainer of your choice. Please contact us for information on location and prices as the price of this is different to Zoom courses.

Further information on our Celebrant Refresh Course can be found here

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