Online Celebrant Training

There are a few different ways to train to become a celebrant, with online celebrant training being the most popular option. For many trainee celebrants, this is the most practical and efficient way to train.

What is Online Celebrant Training?

Online celebrant training takes place through video call on apps such as Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. These training sessions happen on a date and time suitable for both the trainee celebrant and the Celebrant Trainer. Sessions range from 1-3 hours depending on what the session is about.

Some celebrant training companies use video teaching as a large part of their training. Those on each course can log on to the video through a given link and watch the video. We at Choice Celebrant Training do not part take in this kind of online celebrant training. All our courses involve an in person Celebrant Trainer talking to the trainee celebrant, teaching them what the courses entail, sharing their experiences if asked and giving out information which is written down by the trainee celebrant. We do show a short video, which is shared with the Celebrant Trainer still present and is discussed afterwards.

All our celebrant training courses whether online or in a group situation are interactive.

Training online is cheaper and convenient, as it fits around work, family, and personal commitments. No need to worry about childcare costs, taking time off work, pet care costs, travel time, fuel, parking costs, food costs, accommodation costs and being away from home. Evening and weekend training sessions are possible enabling trainee celebrants to train at a time which fits in with their life commitments.

Personal research, ceremony planning and construction and much more are large parts of being a wedding or funeral celebrant. Online celebrant training gives the time required to do these things and fit learning into a personal schedule. This is the same with group training too.

Online Celebrant Training Celebrant Group Training

Group Online Training

Group online celebrant training sessions involve logging on to a given meeting link with other trainee celebrants present. Here there is usually one Celebrant Trainer talking, teaching, and giving out information with time either during or after the session for questions and discussion.

At Choice Celebrant Training we do not run online group training sessions as we understand the importance of quality and individual time between trainee celebrant and Celebrant Trainer. Some people like learning in a group, some prefer the 1-2-1 experience. We do run group training sessions at various city and town locations for those who want to learn as part of a group.

Online Wedding and Funeral Celebrant Training Courses

Our online wedding and funeral celebrant training courses train both wedding and funeral celebrants over a series of confirmed training sessions. Our courses give the option of choice in relation to what kinds or styles of celebrant training each person wants to take part in. We teach traditional, alternative, modern, fun, creative and forward thinking ceremony construction.

Our Wedding Celebrant Training has been devised and created to offer modern wedding celebrancy exercises, give updated knowledge and information relevant for wedding celebrants of the present and the future.

You will learn how to create and narrate memorable and meaningful unique wedding, vow renewal and commitment ceremonies

Our Funeral Celebrant Training has been devised and created to offer modern funeral celebrancy exercises, give updated knowledge and information relevant for funeral celebrants of the present and the future.
You will learn how to create and narrate personalised funerals, celebrations of life, memorial, scattering of ashes and interring of ashes ceremonies.

Accelerated Online Celebrant Training

If you want to learn how to be a celebrant in a faster time than the online training courses take (8-10weeks as there is so much information to learn and our courses were designed to give maximum information), we offer Accelerated Learning in both wedding and funeral celebrant training.

Taking place online over 5 days (7 hours per day with breaks. 1 day of personal study in the middle), these courses are intense but rewarding and aimed at those with limited time or those who prefer to learn faster. Information on Accelerated Online Celebrant Training can be found by clicking on the course links at the top of our home page.

Be a Celebrant With an Online Course

There are many companies and organisations offering celebrant training. Advice is to do your research before signing up for a course with a company. Celebrant training course prices by some companies are cheap in comparison to the courses offered by reputable training companies.

There are specialised training companies who only train celebrants and there are companies who train celebrants and many other job roles too.

Celebrants are responsible for creating memories and the correct training is pivotal to be a successful, professional, and established wedding or funeral celebrant. Many providers will offer monthly payment instalments enabling the cost of training to be spread out.

Celebrants must have research skills to be able to create personalised ceremonies and starting off by researching prospective training companies is recommended. Don’t be swayed by a cheap price.

Currently there aren’t any qualifications required to be a celebrant so does it matter if there is information about offering a specified qualification such as NOCN?

What should matter:
Can you choose your Celebrant Trainer?
What experience in training celebrants do they have?
Are they current celebrants or have they retired? (This can make a difference to what they teach as both the wedding, and the funeral industries change, and clients have certain expectations and requests).
Can you find them on social media or see them on their own websites which may help you to decide if they are right for you.

This is your journey; choose those you would like to accompany you on your way, those who will be beneficial to your needs to help you reach your destination not those who will lead you to theirs.

All our online and group training courses are regularly updated with relevant information and are reflective of what is expected from both wedding and funeral celebrants. Are we the right Celebrant Trainers for you? Contact us by email or by phone if you require further information.

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