Naming Ceremonies, Not Just for Babies

A naming ceremony is a special event for the person the ceremony is for. Attended by family and friends it is a landmark ceremony announcing the name of the person.

Most people associate naming ceremonies with newborn babies, but naming ceremonies aren’t just for babies.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Perhaps the most associated naming ceremonies, these not only announce the names of the baby, but they are also to welcome the child into the family and community. Designated adults who have been chosen by the parent(s) are given the roles of non-religious God Parents, usually referred to as Guide Parents. Mentors or Guardians. The choice of the title should be the decision of the parent(s), and there are many titles to be used.

A naming ceremony for a baby maybe the first ceremony of the child’s life.

Trans Naming Ceremonies

At birth our names are chosen for us, usually by our parent(s), but sometimes by Grandparents or from suggestions by others. When a person starts to transition, choosing a name is one of the first and monumental steps on their journey. A naming ceremony is a very special, perhaps emotional, and iconic stage on their path to transition. They too may want to appoint supporting people who will help them during their journey.

A naming ceremony for a trans person is also the first ceremony of their new start to become the person they should be.

Non-binary and Bi-gender Naming Ceremonies

Choice is an important thing to everyone, and this includes how we are addressed. Naming ceremonies for non-binary and bi-gender (also known as gender fluid) is ‘a celebration with information’. Celebrating a newly chosen identity and a new name minus the labels and pronouns of gender.

Change of Name Ceremonies

For whatever reasons a person may change their name. They could decide to have a ceremony marking this new stage in their life. Many have done this after a divorce. This can also happen when two families combine, or if a parent remarries or if partners want the same name.  

Business Naming Ceremonies

What better way to celebrate the launch of a new business than with a business naming ceremony. Reveal the name, give out business cards and direct people to social media pages so they may follow and share your new venture.

Boat Naming Ceremonies

Boat Naming Ceremony

A boat or ship cannot set sail without a name. That name needs to be logged with Neptune or Poseidon, God of the sea. Boat naming ceremonies are fun but required ceremonies for those who have a boat they would like to start using, or if they want to rename a boat.

Character/ Re-enactment Naming Ceremonies

Ideal ceremonies for those who take part in live action role play or re-enactments such as Vikings, war games, members of historical societies or characters. The writer of this blog has led ceremonies for various Vikings and LOTR event characters.

There are other reasons to hold a naming ceremony, and whatever those reasons are, a celebrant who has had training in naming ceremonies can create the ideal one for each situation.

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