Meet Celebrant Trainer Glenn

I’m Glenn (He/Him), also known as ‘That Celebrant Guy’ and I live in the North West with my partner and two wonderful little Lakeland Terriers.

As an experienced and established celebrant, who has led funerals, weddings and life events, I prefer weddings, renewal of vows and life event ceremonies.

Why I Prefer Weddings

‘The ceremony is the boring bit’ is something I have heard many people say, and it always makes me smile as I like to challenge this incorrect belief. Ceremonies shouldn’t ever be boring, they should always be about those involved, that is the purpose of a celebrant wedding.

So, that’s what I specialise in, fun, memorable, epic, non-traditional, quirky, guest involved memorable weddings and ceremonies (including playing Bingo during a wedding, yes that’s right, we played Bingo).

We won’t play Bingo during training but your training will be fun, informative and functional, enabling you to start work as a celebrant. It’s important you choose the trainer who appeals to you as this makes the whole experience 100% better. I love meeting people and chatting about life as this is what the role of the celebrant is, to celebrate life and mark milestones within it.

It’s All About Your Journey

It is so important to be true to yourself when working with people in this industry, and my goal is to ensure you dig deep and create something exceptional and strive to be the best. A wise woman once told me ‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe’ and it’s a mantra that couldn’t be any more factual.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community it is essential everyone is represented equally and who we are as people is celebrated. This helps you as a future celebrant attract the kind of clients you want to work with.

Celebrancy is the best thing ever and I hope it will be for you.