Meet Celebrant Trainer Ellie

I’m Ellie, (she/her) the founder of Choice Celebrant Training. I live with my husband in Whitby with our Chorkie, and am owned by our two Devon Rex cats in Whitby.

I am an experienced, established, and original full time alternative celebrant. Handfasting, Pagan weddings and funerals, alternative ceremonies (also the name of my celebrant business; Alternative Ceremonies UK) and natural burials are the ceremonies I specialise in.

For the last nine years or so I have been privileged to train and support over 500 wedding and funeral celebrants as the previous Senior Tutor for one of the UK’s largest celebrant training organisations.

Why I Create and Teach All Ceremonies

Many celebrants seem to have a preference between weddings and funerals, I don’t have such a preference. Ceremonies mark milestones and change within the lives of people. They are a time of celebration as the ceremony space is filled with love for those people. This happens at weddings and funerals, and it is an honour to create any ceremony.

A ceremony should be meaningful, memorable, and personal. This doesn’t mean just telling a couple’s, people’s, or person’s story with their own written vows or tributes.  It means writing and matching the ceremony to the people. The ceremony fits around them, they do not fit within the ceremony.

I teach people from all walks of life, and abilities how to create and narrate ceremonies for those they want to work with.

Ellie was truly wonderful during a really difficult time for me – an excellent and incredibly knowledgeable tutor who was incredibly kind and compassionate ‘

Debra Moore MBE

Are We Right For You?

As a soon to be celebrant you need to be knowledgeable and confident about every aspect of creating ceremonies. If you want to learn how to create quirky, eclectic, theatrical, diverse ceremonies, we will teach you what you want to learn. If you are interested in all aspects of alternative celebrant training, you are in the right place. We will support you through and after your training, and help you to start and grow your business.

The choice is yours, are we right for you? If so, I look forward to meeting you and teaching you how to be the kind of celebrant you want to be. If not, may your training be enjoyable and helpful. May your journey to becoming a celebrant be successful.