Is There a Demand for Celebrants?

Are you interested in becoming a wedding or funeral celebrant but have concerns you will gain work?
Are there too many celebrants?
Is there a demand for celebrants?

Before you decide to train to become a celebrant you should research any thoughts or questions you may have. Below is some useful information about celebrant training.

Are There Too Many Celebrants?

Celebrancy has become a desired job role; greatly increasing in popularity since the pandemic as many sought a different path of employment or looked to becoming a celebrant as a back up or retirement choice.

There are now more celebrants in the UK than there have ever been, and this is on the increase as more families, couples and people seek the services of celebrants.  Are there too many celebrants? This depends on how the bigger picture is viewed. If this question is answered in a number quantity per area, town, or city rather than viewing the question as categories of celebrants, the answer is different.

For example, a town has 150 shops in it. Sounds like a busy town, but what kind of shops are there? If there are coffee shops, vape shops, charity shops, newsagents, Post Offices, clothes shops and pet shops, there aren’t as many shops as the total of 150 perceives. If clothes shops are required, these are narrowed down into categories. What if you are looking to buy a short sleeved purple shirt, is it likely you would find it in one of those 150 shops? Possibly, but perhaps not as what you are looking to buy won’t be found in all clothing stores.

Is There a Demand for Celebrants?

You may have to look in charity shops, vintage shops, alternative shops, or selected independent shops. There may be chain stores selling lilac short sleeved and purple long shirts, but these aren’t what you are looking for. They may suffice if these are the only choices you have, but why settle for something different to what you want?

Seeking out the services of somebody who can make you a customised, bespoke shirt in the material, shade of purple, style of shirt and buttons of your choice will guarantee you get exactly what you are looking for.

This analogy can be used when referring to how many celebrants they are. If there are 150 celebrants in a town, it could be viewed there are too many, but by narrowing down the kind of celebrant required, changes things. What if a celebrant who specialises in theatrical weddings is required for a mid-week wedding and most of the 150 celebrants are traditional wedding celebrants, funeral celebrants, part time celebrants who only work weekends, trained but not working celebrants, retired celebrants, newly qualified celebrants, and those proclaiming they can do as you require, but they do not specialise in that field of celebrancy.

With this given information, we see the bigger picture and 150 celebrants no longer seems like a large amount for one town. At first this is seemingly a large amount of celebrants, but refining the search requirements leads to a certain kind of celebrant being needed. A wedding celebrant offering specialised ceremonies, available for a mid-week wedding. Out of those 150 celebrants, how many are the right kind of celebrant for the job? Like the purple shirt analogy above, the choices are limited and settling for something that isn’t what is required leads to a further search for a tailor made ceremony with the skills to create what is desired. 

Gain Bookings as a Celebrant

When we do not or cannot see a bigger picture, or listen to what others say, we could be missing out on an opportunity to do something we want to pursue. It is a fact celebrants will state there isn’t enough work to go round, there are too many celebrants, and it is hard to gain bookings as a celebrant. This however is from their personal experience or the words and thoughts of others. Personal experience is just that; personal. What is to be focused on is what can be done to gain bookings rather than listen to advice, thoughts, and experiences of others. Glass half full or glass half empty situation.

If you have determination, you will succeed.

Definitive Celebrant Training

To become a successful celebrant, you need many things including great training. There are many companies offering celebrant training for a range of prices. Researching which one is right for you can have an impact on how successful you are as a celebrant. Your training should have present day information and not be the same training taught to every trainee celebrant for the past few years.

As your future clients will research you as their potential celebrant, you should start by finding the right celebrant training company for you. Currently there aren’t any recognised qualifications required to train or to work as a wedding or funeral celebrant. Is it important to you to receive a qualification at a level 3 such as the National Open College Network (NOCN) one many training companies adhere to that isn’t required to work as a celebrant, or would you rather learn from a more detailed, informative, and less academic range of materials that are of a higher learning level?

Here at Choice Celebrant Training, all our celebrant training courses are revised regularly ensuring trainee celebrants receive current, relevant, and updated information.

Individualised Celebrant Training

As a future celebrant you will be part of the future of celebrancy. Do you want to learn what every other celebrant has learnt, or would you rather plan your own future and design your own path of celebrancy? If you choose to train with us at Choice Celebrant Training, you have this choice.

Would you like to be able to choose your Celebrant Trainer who is a current working celebrant or are you happy to be assigned any tutor who may be a current celebrant or could be a retired celebrant unaware of current trends and changes. We give you a choice of Celebrant Trainers, all are current working celebrants with websites and social media presences.

Pioneers of Personal Celebrant Training

We at Choice Celebrant Training are pioneers of personal celebrant training. We understand no two ceremonies are the same just as no two trainee celebrants need the same training. We give every trainee celebrant three choices:

Choose your course
Choose your trainer
Choose your training

Every person who is trained by us has the choice to learn what styles of ceremonies they want to learn. This can be traditional, modern, alternative, spiritual, creative, theatrical, themed, or more. We do not expect you to fit into our training, our training fits into your needs as a future celebrant. If you have certain needs or requirements, we will adapt our training to accommodate your needs enabling you to have an enjoyable, positive, and useable training experience.

Your celebrant training is about you, not about the company that trains you. You are the future of celebrancy.

We were the first to introduce personalised and directed celebrant training as standard.

Why There is a Demand for Celebrants

Is there a demand for celebrants? Yes, there is. Why there is a demand for celebrants is plain and simple, people deserve and require personalised and specialised ceremonies which only a celebrant can provide. Then there are other celebrants who specialise in certain styles of ceremonies. As we are all different and our requirements differ, finding a celebrant who fits individualised requirements increases the demand for different celebrants.

If you are interested in becoming a celebrant, why not contact us for further information about your personalised celebrant training.

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