Improve Your Celebrant Skills

Training isn’t a one-off process, some of us trained many years ago and what we learned then is more than likely outdated.  We also tend to forget things overtime; our knowledge fades and we pick up bad habits.

Refresher training plays a huge part in many sectors, and it should in celebrancy too. The society and the world we live in are constantly changing and advancing;  we need to keep up with these changes in the ceremonies we create.  This is why we have created Celebrant Refresh.

Whether you are a wedding or funeral celebrant, you will at some point feel your ceremonies would benefit from some additional training. Perhaps you want to learn how to write different content, maybe you want to branch out into a different style of celebrancy, or you might just want to improve your celebrant skills. If so, our Celebrant Refresh Course will change the way you create your ceremonies.

Additional Training for Celebrants

When you finished your celebrant training, did you feel equipped with the tools and skills required to lead weddings and/or funeral ceremonies? Did you have an enthusiasm to be creative and write unique and personalised ceremonies? If your answer is yes, have you still got that enthusiasm or do you feel your ceremonies need improving? Did you training teach you basic or extended celebrant training? Did you know there was a difference? Basic celebrant training will teach you how to be a celebrant, extended celebrant training will teach you how to become a successful, creative, and popular wedding or funeral celebrant.

Celebrant Refresh Course

Our Celebrant Refresh Course has been devised to be as personalised as the ceremonies you write as a celebrant. Every celebrant chooses their Celebrant Trainer and their desired subjects to learn.

Many wedding celebrants require help with:
unity ceremonies
engaging ceremony content
alternative ceremony construction
modern vows
story telling
diverse language
guest inclusion
breaking away from outdated training received
confidence to break into weddings
gaining work as a wedding celebrant
attracting different kinds of clients
finding their niche
help with a specific ceremony
Digital Marketing including Social Media

Many funeral celebrants require help with:
modern ceremony content
alternative funeral ceremonies
confidence to lead funeral ceremonies
diverse language
story telling
breaking away from outdated training received
gaining work as a funeral celebrant
funerals for children and babies
wording for funerals for trans and non-binary people
natural or green burials
graveside funerals
scattering of ashes
celebrations of life content
engaging with funeral directors
help with a testing or traumatic ceremony
Digital Marketing including Social Media

Celebrant Marketing

Knowing how to market your business and your services correctly is essential. The correct use of hashtags, blogging, posting, reels, story, feed, engagement, your website, branding and the information you share online is crucial to be successful. We have an established Web Designer and Graphic Designer as part of our training team.

Learn New Celebrant Skills

Because we never stop learning, you can increase your earning by moving forward with modern and personalised additional celebrant training. Our Celebrant Refresh Course has given many established and experienced celebrants new knowledge, and a modern and engaging method to write their ceremonies.

It has also been useful in helping newly qualified celebrants who need more than their training gave them, and those celebrants yet to launch their businesses.

Thank you so much to Ellie of Choice Celebrant Training for an informative, interesting and productive Celebrant Refresh Training Course. I was thoroughly engaged throughout the training sessions and in awe of Ellie’s knowledge of all areas of celebrancy and her impeccable skills. After working as a celebrant for a number of years, it was the perfect time for the Refresh, and I now have lots of new ideas as a result of Ellie’s input, coaching and professionalism.

Aileen Dockery

Improve Your Celebrant Skills

Personalised Celebrant Learning

When you trained to be a wedding or funeral celebrant, your training would have potentially been the same training every other trainee celebrant was given. Maybe a few templated course ceremonies or character scenarios without any direction to personalised learning. Like all Choice Celebrant Training Courses, you get to choose what you want to learn and who you want to teach you.

If you want to learn how to break away from traditional style ceremonies with outdated wording, or you want to learn how to create memorable and visual handfasting ceremonies, you can choose which Celebrant Trainer matches your needs.

You state what you want to learn or what skills you want to refresh, and over three online, in person training sessions, we’ll teach you.

Diversity for Celebrants

Are the ceremonies you currently write inclusive for all hearing them, or exclusive to those the ceremony is for or about? Understanding and demonstrating diversity in ceremonies is important.

Do you start your ceremonies with the outdated ‘Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen’ as many were taught too?
Do you ask your clients about any needs of ceremony attendees, both physically and sensory?
Do readings or poems contain offensive words which you may not find offensive, but listeners could?
Do you presume all guests taking part within the ceremony have consented and feel at ease doing so?
Do you consider the possibility of heightened anxiety and try to put people at ease?
Do you use gender neutral wording?
Do you respect religious and cultural appropriation for unity ceremonies?

These are just a few examples of why diversity is essential for celebrants (as it is for all humans). There is so much more to learn.

Diversity is a fact, inclusion is an act

Discretion Assured

All celebrants must have discretion, and this comes as standard from us. We won’t tag you, post images of you nor display your name on our site or social media platforms (unless you want us to). As some training companies are precious about their members not going elsewhere, we can assure you we won’t name you post any photos of you.

Supporting all Celebrants Before, During and After Training

Being a celebrant is a role, not a badge, job title or a name on a certificate. For many newly qualified celebrants, the statement of support is given but it isn’t always actioned from our experience.

Celebrancy isn’t about an authority, it is about being given the honour and the trust to create and narrate a ceremony which is personal and memorable. It is impossible to cover every scenario or situation a celebrant will at times face and having a support community around you and a Celebrant Trainer/Mentor who answers your calls, emails or messages is important. We will give you help and support when you need it. Our Celebrant Community can offer their support and knowledge through our Facebook group or on a personal level.

Continued Professional Development for Celebrants

Refresh your skills, learn new skills, gain confidence in writing and delivery and become a sought after, busy celebrant. Celebrant Refresh Course, what do you want to learn?

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