Celebrant Courses

Do You Want to Become a Celebrant?

Celebrancy is an interesting, creative, pleasing, and eventful job role. It is a role of honour and gratitude, not authority. No two days are ever the same when you are a celebrant. One day you could be creating a wedding ceremony to be held in a tree topped woodland, the following day you may be writing a celebration of life to help a family say goodbye.

Celebrants, Much More Than Public Speakers

Leading a ceremony is the last part of a celebrant’s role. Before the ceremony can be read out, it must be created. Having good writing, listening, conversation and research skills are as important to becoming as celebrant as being able to speak in public. If you have these abilities, you have what it takes to become a celebrant.

Celebrant Training Courses

Celebrant Training Courses have been devised to teach trainee celebrants how to become successful wedding, funeral, and life event celebrants.

When you train with us, you will not only have the option to choose which Celebrant Trainer you would like to train you, you will also be asked what kinds or styles of ceremonies you would like to learn. We specialise in training alternative, creative, progressive, and modern celebrants who will be the future of celebrancy.

We offer the following ways to learn:

Online training

8- 16 training sessions (depending on which course you choose to do) with your chosen Celebrant Trainer through video calls.

Accelerated Online Training

4-7 consecutive days online training sessions including 1 day of personal study (depending on which course you choose to do) with your chosen Celebrant Trainer through video calls.

Group Training

4 days of classroom style group training in various city locations with up to 4 other trainee celebrants.

All our celebrant courses give information and continued support on starting and marketing your own celebrant business. We also have our own Graphic Designer, Website Designer and Builder and Social Media Advisor who will design you a professional logo and build you a website which is SEO ready, be hosted and secured. (Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about these things, leave that to the tech guy who will help you using non-technical plain English language).

Choice Celebrant Trainers

Our Celebrant Trainers are all current working, experienced and established wedding, funeral, and life event celebrants. All have social media presences, and all have their own business websites showcasing their celebrant services. Choice founder Ellie Farrell has been training celebrants for over 8 years and she has trained over 450 wedding and funeral celebrants.

If you have the necessary abilities, you can become a celebrant.