Is There a Demand for Celebrants?

Are you interested in becoming a wedding or funeral celebrant but have concerns you will gain work?Are there too many celebrants?Is there a demand for celebrants? Before you decide to train to become a celebrant you should research any thoughts or questions you may have. Below is some useful information about celebrant training. Are There …

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Become a Wedding Celebrant

Are you considering training to become a wedding celebrant? Wedding celebrants need to have many skills and abilities including being creative, fast thinking, possess organisation skills and be a confident public speaker. There are many skills required to become a wedding celebrant. Becoming a Wedding Celebrant There are quite a few wedding celebrants nowadays, but …

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Skills Required to Become a Funeral Celebrant

Are you considering training to become a funeral celebrant? Funeral celebrants need to have many abilities including the obvious ones of listening, being able to record details and information and have the writing skills to create a ceremony. There are many skills required to become a funeral celebrant. Becoming a Funeral Celebrant Celebrancy is by …

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Handfasting Course for Wedding Celebrants


Are you a wedding celebrant who would like to confidently offer different kinds of handfasting ceremonies?Did your wedding celebrant training provide you with enough information to create and perform the kinds of handfasting ceremonies you would like to create?Are you interested in learning more about handfasting? Handfasting Ceremonies Handfasting is a Pagan wedding custom, considered …

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Life Events Celebrant Training

life events training

Celebrants write and perform more ceremonies than just weddings, funerals, and naming ceremonies. We at Choice Celebrant Training refer to different kinds of ceremonies as life events.   What is a Life Event Ceremony? When celebrancy became a job role, somebody somewhere determined celebrants mainly learnt how to write and perform just a handful of …

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Alternative Celebrant Training

Alternative wedding ceremony

Are you interested in training to become an alternative celebrant?Have you looked at celebrant training courses, but they don’t seem to speak to you?Do you want to create weddings, celebrations of life, life event ceremonies and more for likeminded people? If so, you are in the right place as Choice Celebrant Training is the home …

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Should I Become a Celebrant?

What is a Celebrant

Are you interested in becoming a celebrant but require advice and information to help you make you decision? Have you asked yourself ‘should I become a celebrant’? If so, read on. What is a Celebrant A celebrant writes and reads out a wedding, funeral, or life event ceremony. It all starts with a meeting with …

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Improve Your Celebrant Skills

Celebrant performing a ceremony

Training isn’t a one-off process, some of us trained many years ago and what we learned then is more than likely outdated.  We also tend to forget things overtime; our knowledge fades and we pick up bad habits. Refresher training plays a huge part in many sectors, and it should in celebrancy too. The society …

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