Become a Successful Wedding or Funeral Celebrant

Have you spoken during a wedding or funeral ceremony and been told, ‘You’re really good at this, you should do this for a job’.
Are you the ‘go to person’ in your family or friends circle to speak at a funeral, memorial ceremony or at a wedding?
Do you get asked to write speeches or words to be said at weddings or funerals?

If so, you could have the makings of a wedding or funeral celebrant, and if this role appeals to you, we can help you to become not only a celebrant, but to become a successful wedding or funeral celebrant, or even both.

Train to Become a Celebrant

Training to become a wedding and/or funeral celebrant is essential if you want to become a successful and busy celebrant. There is far more to being a celebrant than reproducing an online script and reading during a wedding or a funeral. Training should teach you more than the basics of celebrancy.

Your Celebrant Training

This is your journey to become a celebrant, and it should be about you. With many companies offering training, which one is the right one for you? Just because a training company is established over many years, it doesn’t mean they are the right company for you.

Established Celebrant Training

What does established mean? Longstanding, existed for a long time, well known in the field, prominent. Google ‘established synonyms’ and traditional, fixed, unchanged, unsettled, and other adjectives will be listed. Many businesses are established but it doesn’t mean they are right for everyone.

What do you want from your training (obviously to learn to become a celebrant); what are your expectations? A or B?


  • Traditional course content learnt by all
  • 1-2-1 training online with a designated tutor who maybe a retired or current celebrant
  • Arranged training times
  • Group training in a specific location with other trainee celebrants
  • Group training in a retreat style venue in the country or in a certain city or town
  • Group training at a pre-determined time/date online
  • Extensive pre-course work to be completed before your first training session
  • No pre course work to be completed before your first training session
  • Training aids including videos which you can log on to view at your own pace
  • Support from your tutor
  • Coursework to be completed by a given timeframe once training has ended
  • Guaranteed to become a celebrant at the end of it as you have paid for a course
  • To be one of many in a group photo at the end of training
  • To be added to an online directory sharing information about yourself, and your contact details as the other celebrants who have been trained by that company are encouraged to do
  • Continuing support if contact is successfully made with the designated tutor
  • Inclusion into a private Facebook group
  • Become a member of that training organisation and receive certain benefits including Public Liability Insurance arranged through a training company


  • Modern course materials which are regularly updated
  • Individualised course content and training based on what each trainee celebrant chooses to learn
  • A choice of Celebrant Trainers who are all current, successful, and known working celebrants with websites and interactive social media
  • 1-2-1 training online with your chosen Celebrant Trainer
  • Arranged training session times
  • Group training in various city and town locations with other trainee celebrants
  • Quirky, easy to get to, relevant locations making the reason for being there the priority
  • Group training at a pre-determined time/date online
  • A pre course online meeting with your chosen Celebrant Trainer
  • A pre course online group meeting with your fellow group training trainee celebrants and Celebrant Trainer
  • No pre course work to be completed before your first training session
  • Live training without videos, (celebrants have deadlines to meet so learning how to fit this into your life commitments is important)
  • Support from your Celebrant Trainer, all other Celebrant Trainers within the company, fellow trainee celebrants and working celebrants as and when required
  • Course completion timeframe
  • Achieving the role of celebrant if the course is completed successfully so it is earnt through hard work and knowledge of what it takes to create ceremonies
  • Individual photo if agreed as each celebrant is an individual person who has passed based on their own skills, hard work, and determination
  • No requirement to be added to an online directory with many other celebrants in a competitive market
  • Inclusion into a private Facebook group
  • Guaranteed continuing support by phone, text, email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger daytimes, evenings, and weekends
  • Become part of a community of celebrants and benefit from additional learning, online presentations, Q&A sessions with wedding and funeral industry suppliers, social events and much more
  • Choose your own Public Liability Insurance with given guidance as everyone has different needs and varied levels of cover
Become a Successful Wedding or Funeral Celebrant

How to Become a Successful Wedding or Funeral Celebrant

To become a successful wedding or funeral celebrant, first choose which training option suits your needs to get you to where you want to be, A or B.

If you want to be a celebrant who specialises in a certain are of celebrancy such as an alternative celebrant, a Pagan celebrant, a creative celebrant, a theatrical, or a traditional celebrant, which training option suits your needs to get you to where you want to be? A or B?

You have the choice; this is about you and your future, you are the future of celebrancy.

Experienced Celebrant Training

If option B is preferable and more beneficial to you, give us the opportunity to welcome you to Choice Celebrant Training. We aren’t an ‘established’ celebrant training company, we are an experienced one.

Choice Celebrant Training was founded in 2022 by Ellie Farrell, the original alternative celebrant and ceremonialist, who specialises in handfasting, Pagan, Viking, Goth and alternative ceremonies, natural burials and ceremonies of celebration and goodbye. Ellie has been teaching celebrants for 9 years, (having previously being the Lead Tutor at an established training celebrant organisation) she has taught over 500 wedding and funeral celebrants (mostly on a 1-2-1 basis).

Choice is a team of 4 people. 3 celebrants, 1 Graphic Designer and Web Designer who has over 28 years experience in these fields and has been working with and supporting celebrants for 9 years to help them have the best branding, web sites, social media, and logos.

Ellie Farrell

Nicky Sutton

Glenn Jenkins

Rob Farrell

Individualised Celebrant Training

‘One size fits all’ isn’t a phrase we believe is compatible with celebrants training. You do not have to have the same training as others as your journey is a personal one, so should your training be individualised. You choose, we teach. If you aren’t sure, we will guide you and make suggestions based on your requirements.

To become a successful wedding or funeral celebrant you need many skills, some of which only you can gain personally. What we can do is provide you with informative, relevant, fun, useable and individualised celebrant training; helping you to become a successful wedding and/or funeral celebrant. To become a successful wedding or funeral celebrant, you need great training.

If you are interested in finding out more about celebrant training, why not contact us for further information to see if we are the right choice of Celebrant Trainers for you.

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