How to Gain Work as a Funeral Celebrant

funeral celebrant tips

Gaining work as a funeral celebrant can be testing if you are relying on funeral directors to recommend you to people. Many celebrant training companies tell newly trained celebrants to visit funeral directors (some of them have been known to suggest celebrants hand out biscuits or chocolates to entice funeral directors to put celebrants on …

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Skills Required to Become a Funeral Celebrant

Are you considering training to become a funeral celebrant? Funeral celebrants need to have many abilities including the obvious ones of listening, being able to record details and information and have the writing skills to create a ceremony. There are many skills required to become a funeral celebrant. Become a Funeral Celebrant Celebrancy is by …

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Why Pride Month is Important to Me

Hi, I am Nicky. A wedding and funeral celebrant, a funeral director, a Celebrant Trainer, and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. June is Pride month, a special month for many. During the month of June we see Pride celebrations taking place around the world, with flags unfurled and flown in proud celebration. Why Pride …

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Dogs at Funerals

Dogs at funerals

Main image by Darley Funeral Directors Dogs are part of our families and for many people, their dogs are their world. When somebody dies dogs do not understand why their human isn’t returning home leading to grief and confusion. The well known story of Greyfriars Bobby depicts both loyalty and sorrow from Bobby the cairn …

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How to Become a Funeral Celebrant

Celebrant conducting a funeral

An online search for ‘how to become a funeral celebrant’ or ‘how do I become a funeral celebrant’ will give you many links to various celebrant training courses and courses who train funeral celebrants. Many are good, some are mediocre, some aren’t good. They all have one thing in common, they all state they train …

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Facts About Cremation

In the UK today cremation is the preferred funeral method over burial. Funeral celebrants lead more ceremonies ending in cremations than those for burials and natural burials together. Cremation wasn’t always the preferred funeral method. It was only within the last couple of hundred years that cremation became legal in this country. Cremation, the Start …

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