Refresh Your Celebrant Skills, Celebrant CPD Courses

Calling all wedding and funeral celebrants Are you a professionally trained celebrant, newly qualified or established wedding and/or funeral celebrant?Do you want to attract different clients?Do you want to learn how to create a specific kind of ceremony?Do you feel you need further training?Do you want to create the kinds of ceremonies others post about?Have …

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All You Need to Know About Handfasting


Handfasting is an old Pagan wedding custom, believed to be Celtic, but it can be found in varying forms of other religions. It is the binding together of the hands of those the ceremony is for using ribbons, cords, or any other materials of their choice. Handfasting is no longer just for Pagans. Religious, nonreligious, …

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Train to be a Celebrant

There aren’t currently any qualifications required to train to be a celebrant, there are however certain skills required. People skills, confidence, creative writer, a good listener, ability to speak in public, empathy, compassion, and fast thinking are required abilities to have if you are thinking of becoming a celebrant. If you want to become a …

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Naming Ceremonies, Not Just for Babies

Naming Ceremony on the beach

A naming ceremony is a special event for the person the ceremony is for. Attended by family and friends it is a landmark ceremony announcing the name of the person. Most people associate naming ceremonies with newborn babies, but naming ceremonies aren’t just for babies. Baby Naming Ceremonies Perhaps the most associated naming ceremonies, these …

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