Are You Confused About Celebrant Training Options?

Are you interested in training to become a wedding or funeral celebrant?
Are you overwhelmed by the many training companies you may have seen online and not sure which one is right for you?
Are you confused about celebrant training options, what is available, required or what will be gained?

If your answer is yes to all or any of the above questions, read on as below is some useful information about celebrant training.

Celebrant Training

An online search for celebrant training will reveal numerous companies and training organisations offering celebrant training courses for wedding, funeral or both aspects of celebrancy with the traditional naming ceremony training included in most.
The majority seem to offer similar course content, prices and course durations will differ, some state they are Level 3, some mention NOCN qualifications, and others take Adult Learner Loans.

Celebrant Training Qualifications

As a prospective trainee celebrant, it is important you understand what the above things mean to enable you to choose the training provider who fits your needs.


Level 3
A qualification of a similar level to an A Level.

Level 4
A more in depth knowledge of training than Level 3.

This stands for National Open College Network:
NOCN Group is an educational charity whose core aims are to help learners reach their potential and organisations thrive.

They provide courses and content and those who complete them to the guidelines set by NOCN are awarded a Level 3 Diploma through NOCN and the celebrant training company running the course. *
You do not need any qualifications to be able to start celebrant training. You will need certain skills and attributes and further information on these can be found here.

*It may be useful to know there currently aren’t any required gained qualifications in wedding, funeral or naming celebrancy. Those who do not wish to gain a NOCN qualification, are not required to gain this qualification to train or work as a celebrant, it is a personal choice.

Advanced Learner Loans
Government learner loans for adults over 19 years old to pay for training courses in certain careers or jobs. These are loans and must be paid back (certain criteria applies on repayment amounts and durations).

Online or Residential Group Celebrant Training

There are online training and group training options, with a few mentioning residential courses. Residential training involves trainee celebrants attending a building used as a classroom environment for celebrant training. These buildings can be hired meeting rooms in hotels, multi-use training and corporate events retreats, serviced city location offices or other hired rooms in public places. Our group training takes place in various towns and city locations. Scenic surroundings or a view of a city car park do not seem to be important to those we have trained in groups. What their learning entails is important and memorable.

To our knowledge, there aren’t currently any actual colleges, academies, institutes nor celebrant educational buildings or structural centres for learning, used specifically for the sole purpose of training student celebrants. Conceptual business names rather than actual educational buildings. When embarking on training it is the course content, trainee/tutor time and the training received that should be the deciding factor.

Residential courses cost more and involve being away from home. Some give the opportunity for social meetings after the course has finished each day. Some do not as the purpose of being there is to learn, and work may be required to be done on the evening for the next day’s learning.

A few days away to focus solely on a course is ideal for some. For others, the need to travel and to be away from home and their commitments isn’t possible. We all learn at different paces, and this is something to be considered if contemplating residential group training.

Online celebrant training can fit around your lifestyle. This has proved to be the most popular way to learn. Trainee celebrants receive 100% of their chosen Celebrant Trainer’s time and attention during the session. Courses are more cost effective and result in longer time than residential courses meaning longer training sessions for less money. No need to be away from home, no additional costs such as pet sitters, travel, or parking. No concerns if you have dietary requirements (there can always be these concerns even if your needs are stated they will be catered for).

Cheap Celebrant Training

In these hard financial times, financial circumstances can be the deciding factor when searching for celebrant training. It is easy to be drawn in by statements of cheap training, but what will be the overall cost of low priced training?

Those of us who are established and experienced celebrant trainers (Choice Celebrant Training Founder Ellie Farrell has been teaching celebrants for over 9 years and is an experienced and in demand wedding and funeral celebrant too) only train celebrants. Unlike some offering training with low prices, we and other celebrant training companies do not train for a plethora of other careers and roles. We only train celebrants.

Celebrant Training to Fit Around Your Needs

Two of the many attributes a celebrant must possess include research and preparation skills. We at Choice Celebrant Training believe that should start when looking for a training company who fits around your needs.

What course content do you want to learn, traditional, modern, or alternative?
We teach what you want to learn and will make suggestions if you aren’t sure.

Is it important to you to choose your Celebrant Trainer or are you happy to go with the only available trainer?
We give you a choice of three Celebrant Trainers

Would you have a better learning experience if on a residential course or if you learnt online through face to face live teaching?
If you want to discuss this, why not contact us?

Do you want to be able to spread the cost of training over a few months, or pay all at once?
We offer both options

How important is it to you to maintain a supportive advice link with your Celebrant Trainer after your training has ended?
We will continue to support you during and after your training.

Should you need support past office hours will your potential training company answer the phone/text/WhatsApp, social media message?
We will answer you past 5pm

Will you receive professional business advice, branding, marketing, and website construction from the training company you are interested in?
You will if you train with us. We have a professional Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and business marketing advisor at your disposal if you require these services.

How important is it to you to know your Celebrant Trainer is a current working celebrant who you can see in action because as a potential soon to be celebrant this is one of the ways future clients will find you to book you. Is it important to you to do the same or are you happy to train with a retired or an undiscoverable celebrant?
All our Celebrant Trainers are current wedding and funeral celebrants with personal websites and are active on social media.

If you need help, advice, and support from other celebrants, how would you receive this?
We have a community of celebrants who help, advise, and support each other. You would become a valuable part of that community.

Life is busy for us all and finding training which fits your needs is essential. Your training should be an experience, an experience that evolves into a profitable celebrant business.

If you would like to speak to us about celebrant training, contact us using either the call back form below or by calling us.

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