Alternative Celebrant Training

Are you interested in training to become an alternative celebrant?
Have you looked at celebrant training courses, but they don’t seem to speak to you?
Do you want to create weddings, celebrations of life, life event ceremonies and more for likeminded people? If so, you are in the right place as Choice Celebrant Training is the home of Alternative Celebrant Training.

What is an Alternative Celebrant?

Search on Google for ‘alternative celebrant’ and you will find alternative celebrants.

There are two definitions to the term alternative celebrant. One is a celebrant who lives an alternative lifestyle, the other is a celebrant who creates and narrates wedding and funeral ceremonies that do not follow what is deemed to be traditional.

Alternative celebrants are in demand as more people realise, they do not have to follow what is traditional. Choice Celebrant Training was founded by one of the original alternative celebrants Ellie Farrell.

Why Alternative Celebrant Training is Different?

Alternative celebrant training is different to other celebrant training. Traditional and modern celebrant training which many companies and organisations offer do not specifically train people to be alternative celebrants. Some believe if you can learn to write a wedding or a funeral, you can write any wedding or funeral, and this is completely incorrect.

Learning to become an alternative celebrant is specific training for the type of alternative celebrant you want to be. ‘One size fits all’ training couldn’t be further from reality. Why waste your time and money on non-alternative training to then spend further time and money trying to adapt what you have learnt to fit in with your needs? Specialised training from the start is what is required.

Clients searching for an alternative celebrant have expectations, with many choosing their celebrant because they want that person to fit into their aesthetic, not just to write their ceremony. Clients feel comfortable and understood without the need to explain their decisions to their celebrant. Alternative celebrants should be more imaginative in making suggestions to each set of clients.

If you want to become a Pagan Celebrant, what benefit will it be to learn about traditional, non-Pagan wedding or funeral training? It isn’t about adding a Pagan blessing or a handfasting, it is the ceremony as a whole and the preparations, intentions, holding space and much more which deem it to be a Pagan ceremony. Paganism is religion and as most celebrants are taught how to write non-religious weddings and funerals, how can standardised training be truly beneficial to a trainee Pagan Celebrant?

Alternative Celebrant Training

Celebrant: Shirlee Moon

Alternative Celebrants for Alternative Ceremonies

If you are an alternative person, you may choose to socialise with other alternative people. You could be part of a subculture or music scene, (Goth, Steampunk, Northern Soul, Rockabilly etc), or live an alternative lifestyle (be part of a poly family, a triad or thruple, Fetish community). Perhaps you are into larping, Viking, re-enactment, or cosplay. All these lifestyles will at some point, potentially require a celebrant for a wedding, commitment ceremony, life event ceremony or a celebration of life.

Like attracts like and who better to create and deliver a meaningful and memorable ceremony than an alternative celebrant who lives the same lifestyle, understands terminology and circumstances, fits in with the ceremony and more?

Choose Your Alternative Celebrant Training

Trainee celebrants who choose to be taught by us at Choice Celebrant Training not only can choose their Celebrant Trainer, but they also have the choice of what kind of celebrant training they learn.
If you want a mixture of traditional, modern, and alternative celebrant training, we can teach you.
If you want to learn about intimate ceremonies, we can teach you.
If you want to learn how to create fun, guest interactive, family orientated weddings, we can teach you.
If you want to learn how to create custom and imaginative ceremonies, we can teach you.
If you want to learn how to create themed ceremonies, we can teach you.
If you want to learn how to create individualised unity ceremonies, we can teach you.
If you want to lean about Pagan ceremonies, we can teach you.
If you want to learn how to perform a Pagan handfasting ceremony rather than the non-Pagan way most offer, we can teach you.
If you want to learn about Viking, historical, medieval, re-enactment ceremonies, you can.
If you want to learn about romantic Gothic style ceremonies, we can teach you.
If you want to learn how to incorporate customs and rituals into a wedding or funeral ceremony, we can teach you.
If you want to be a forward thinking, successful celebrant we can teach you, the rest is up to you.

Diversity in Celebrant Training

Diversity comes as standard as does learning how to create and deliver life centred wedding and funeral ceremonies. We teach all trainee celebrants how to create and deliver inclusive ceremonies for all people without gendered terminology. LQBTQ+ ceremonies aren’t alternative unless the people are alternative people.

If two guys have a wedding, it isn’t an ‘alternative wedding’. If two women have a wedding, it isn’t an alternative wedding. If two people who identify as non-binary have a wedding, that isn’t an ‘alternative wedding’ either. If a gay guy and a person who identifies as non-binary have a Midsummer Night’s Dream themed wedding, this may be labelled as an alternative wedding. Not because of the gender labels of the people, but because of the theme and the ceremony content based on that theme.

What is alternative about two people in love? It’s been happening since humans walked the earth.

Glenn Jenkins, That Celebrant Guy Wedding and Life Events Celebrant Trainer

Pride Flags are a Statement Not Decor

Alternative is Becoming the New Traditional

An oxymoronic statement, but alternative is becoming the new traditional when it comes to weddings and celebrations of life. Traditional weddings and funerals follow the same layout, alternative ones do not. No two alternative ceremonies are the same. They may have similar aspects and even the same unity ceremony, but they will be different.

As people turn their backs on outdated traditions to have individualised ceremonies, alternative ceremonies are becoming the most requested style of ceremony.

The Best Alternative Celebrant Training Available

We aren’t being egotistic here, but we would like to believe we at Choice Celebrant Training offer the best alternative celebrant training as we were founded by one of the original, knowledgeable, and experienced alternative celebrants there are. That knowledge and experience is available to all trainee celebrants if requested.

All our Celebrant Trainers have vast knowledge and experience in being ceremonialists and creating ceremonies for people who want more than a traditional ceremony.

Training and learning is personal to every person. You are the future of celebrancy.

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